Friday, March 16, 2012

Double Trouble

People often comment on the resemblance between Macie and her second cousin Logan. The likeness has occasionally led people to comment that they could be siblings. At just two months apart, Logan and Macie are also developmentally similar. Despite all the common ground between Logan and Macie, they haven’t really shown much interest in one another until recently. Typically they engaged in parallel play, sometimes resorting to minor scuffles over coveted toys. For the past month or so Logan, who is two months older, seemed slightly more interested in Macie, but his interest was not reciprocated. When Logan gave Macie a hug a few weeks ago she pulled away with panic and fear in her eyes. After a few uncomfortable moments in Logan’s well meaning (and absolutely adorable) hug, Macie’s lip jutted into a pout warning us that she was moments away from tears.

This past weekend we got the babies together for another play date and were surprised to find that Macie and Logan not only noticed one another, but actually seemed interested in interacting. After observing an excited and energetic Logan play for a few moments, Macie slowly scooted away from me and started following his lead. It was apparent that Logan was having fun running around on the couch and Macie wanted to join. From that point on their relationship seemed to blossom. Macie or Logan would yell then turn to the other with a huge grin, inviting them to take a turn. Before we knew it they were having a squealing/yelling competition. Although they would get caught up in an individual activity from time to time, Logan and Macie always seemed to go back to each other. At these times they would meet face to face, and we watched with amusement as their verbal and nonverbal exchange took place. All of a sudden one of them would start running and the other followed, engaged in an exciting game of chase.

After this initial bonding took place, Logan started calling Macie’s name to play (so cute). And although she pulled away when he gave her a hug this time, she was certainly not close to tears. Eventually the two started working together to cause mischief, feeding off the energy of the other. At one point Macie tried to get through the doggie gate and into the kitchen, an area that was off limits. Logan walked over, helped her lift the latch, and they both ran excitedly into the kitchen. Logan ran as deep into the room as he could, but Macie held back fairly close to the gate, checking to see my reaction. After realizing that he left a “man” behind, Logan ran back to Macie and pulled her shoulder, encouraging and guiding her towards the off limits territory. Seeing our amused reactions, Macie and Logan started running from one end of the kitchen to the other, daring us with teasing and excited eyes to get them.

This teamwork seemed to seal Macie and Logan’s new friendship. They are truly double trouble. Macie really came out of her shell this past weekend and turned into a wild child in the presence of Logan. For his part, Logan seemed excited to have a partner in crime- someone to help him make mischief. It is highly entertaining to observe this boisterous, unruly side of Macie as she excitedly plays with Logan, her new comrade in arms, and I look forward to watching their relationship continue to develop.


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