Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Macie Manual

As mentioned on my webpage, the purpose of this blog is to share memorable moments from life as a mommy. Before I begin my tales of hilarity, I think it is appropriate to introduce you to the main character- Macie.

Basic Information

D.O.B.:            July 20, 2010
Gender:            Female
Hair:                 Strawberry Blonde (??) **How did that happen?**
Eyes:                Light Blue
Body Type:      Chubbs! You can’t help but squeeze her cheeks and tickle her round belly.


Toys:               Baby dolls, bouncy balls, and bunny fufu (of course)!
                        Stuffed Animals: cuddle puppy, Khloe the Clydesdale, “Abby Caddaby”
                        Interactive Toys: Violet the puppy, V-tech laptop, blocks
                        BOOKS- she even pretends to read them!

Food:              EVERYTHING!! Food=Happiness

Person:            Daddy  (L)
                        Runner- up: Mommy (J)


Macie is usually a happy, smiley, giggly, lovable baby. She spends most of her days speaking in gibberish, cruising furniture, and destroying everything she touches. Of course I think she is a beautiful baby girl, and her gap toothed grin is infectious. Like most babies, Macie likes to get her way and is very unhappy when something is taken away from her or she is told “no”. Lately it seems that Macie’s attitude has gotten much more pronounced, as not getting what she wants often results in crying, head thrown back tantrums (with no tears)….I think we are going through the “terrible ones”.

Inside Joke

My family teases me because I write a “Macie Manual” each time Macie stays overnight with my mother or mother-in-law. This manual is a detailed timeline of Macie’s daily schedule (which is fairly flexible) and information about Macie’s preferences. Although initially skeptical, my mother now swears by the manual because following it almost guarantees that Macie will be a happy baby. Tease me all you want, but I quickly learned that happy baby= happy mommy.


Hopefully this Macie Manual has been more informative than boring (maybe both). I promise that my future posts will be much more entertaining. My goal is to blog an anecdote or observation at least once a week. While most of the blogs will be individual and unrelated, there will be a few recurring themes/titles. Future blog entries include:

-Parents as Teachers= Parenting for Dummies                        -Road Trippin’
-Moves Like Jagger                                                                 - Memorable Meltdowns
-Human Drum=Not So Much Fun                                          - Bootcamp for Babies
-Daddy Dress Up                                                                    - Baby b’ Trippin’
-Daycare Disasters                                                                  - Toy Central
-Hurricane Macie                                                                    - Please Don’t Judge
-Mommy’s Little “Helper” (hindrance?)                                 - Drive it Like it’s Hot
-Herding Babies is Like Herding Cats                                    -Show Me the Money
-“You’re not one of those pageant moms, are you?”              -Tales of Public Humiliation


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