Sunday, January 15, 2012

Sunday Funday

I have a love/hate relationship with Sundays. Typically, Sundays are a day for cleaning the house, grocery shopping, catching up on homework, and preparing for the week ahead. Since I have been on winter break from class, I have enjoyed Sundays much more, as they have been pretty lazy in this household. Today is my final Sunday on break, as class starts on Tuesday night L. Therefore, today was my final “Sunday Funday”. My house is strewn with baby toys, the kitchen sink is brimming with dishes, and the dirty laundry has not even made it into the washing machine. I know I will pay for my laziness tomorrow, when I have to confront the massive amount of housekeeping resulting from a weekend of laziness, but for now I am enjoying my final hours of zero productivity.

This Sunday Funday started with a morning trip to Sullivan to visit my twin sister and her new puppy, Sasha. Macie loves dogs, so I figured she would enjoy playing with a puppy- much more her size than our dog Gunner. While Macie showed some interest in the adorable Sasha, she was much more concerned with keeping close to my side…or on my lap. Macie is always much more clingy and shy when we are away from home, and this morning was no exception. After a while she warmed up and my “leash” became shorter, as she no longer demanded to sit directly on my lap, but she was still insistent that we stay in the same room. Spending time with Macie around other people is a pleasant reminder how important I am to my toddler, who is going through an annoyingly independent streak. After this morning’s excursion Macie continued with her “mommy’s girl” behavior and she showered me with hugs and affection for the remainder of the day. Nothing makes a parent feel more special than displays of affection from their child.

Unfortunately, Macie napped on the way home, which was exactly what I was trying to avoid. I left Sullivan at 10:30, hoping to feed Macie lunch when we got home and then immediately put her down for a nap so I could enjoy some childfree “me” time on my final Sunday Funday. Well, the 30-45 minutes that Macie napped on the way home seemed to sustain her for the rest of the day. Despite my three attempts at lulling her to sleep, she was in and out of her crib until 2:30, which is when I gave up. I figured that Macie would just cry a bit and go right to sleep. I wish. Each of the three times I put her down I ended up back in her room a short while later, as she was laughing and babbling in her crib. The last time I got her out of the crib, I walked in on her dancing and singing. It was hilarious! When she saw me she just grinned even bigger and danced more vigorously. Even though the time period between 12:00 and 3:00 was frustrating due to Macie’s lack of nap (and, therefore, my lack of nap), her energy and enthusiasm was very endearing.
Macie’s silly behavior continued for the rest of the evening. Perhaps the best part of the day was during Macie’s bath. She was babbling, dancing, and giggling so much that I just had to get the video camera out to capture all the cuteness. As weird as this sounds, I often get video of Macie in the bathtub because it is the only time she is really contained in a fairly small space for any period of time. In response to my prompts, I got Macie to say please (“pease"), meow like a cat, roar like a lion, pat her belly, say “shh”, point to her head, and say “bye bye”. My mouth hurt, I was so grinning so much, so I decided to play back the video for another chuckle. As soon as the recording started, Macie began responding to my prompts all over again. It was the funniest thing ever- Josh and I were crying we were laughing so hard, which encouraged Macie to act even sillier.

Macie is finally sleeping peacefully in her bed, so now it’s back to enjoying the last few hours of my last lazy Sunday. I plan to grab a glass of wine, turn on crappy TV, and put my up my feet. Tomorrow it is back to usual- work, cleaning my mess of a house, and preparing for class L. At least I enjoyed the break while it lasted.  


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